Knowing what you want is not always easy when procuring services outside of the core business in which you operate. I know this from experience and this is why I have explained here, in plain English, the services that I believe to be most relevant to my clients.

It is impossible to say that any document needs a specific level of editing; this is because every author has different abilities – many write in a second language – and every project has different requirements.

The descriptions below should help you to understand the different levels of proofreading services and editing that I can offer, and how they are described. However, by far the best way for me to help you is for you to send me a sample of your document by email, and we can discuss the specific requirements of your project.

My editing service involves heavy re-writing, re-structuring and assistance with content. It does not involve extensive research or writing from scratch. My recommendation, if you have the work edited by me, is for me to send the file back to you and then for you to work through the amended and annotated file before sending it back to me for a copy-edit or proofreading service. If you would rather a different pair of professional eyes look at the file at the copy-edit or proofread stage, then I can subcontract this out, thus providing a turnkey document improvement service.

If you are looking for someone to write original content for you, then this is not a service that I offer – I recommend you search for a copy-writing service or technical writer.

My copy-editing service ensures that your document is fit for purpose, editing some content but not extensively re-writing. If the document has been written by numerous authors, it is at the copy-editing stage that consistency of style and format will be applied across the document.

This is also where any style guide requirements or journal submission requirements are applied.

Again, in an ideal world, you would go through the file after I have sent it back, and then return it to me for a final proofreading service.

Outside of the traditional publishing realm, typesetting and formatting costs are not always relevant. If your deadline and/or budget are tight, a proof-editing service that combines elements of copy-editing and proofreading into a single proof-editing service might be the best option for you.

This service involves a single check by me to cover issues relating to consistency and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation but does not usually include significant changes to content or structure.

This is the final stage in the process and should not involve any changes to content or structure. Proofreading focusses on the finer details of spelling, grammar and punctuation, making sure that all formatting is correct with no erroneous line or word breaks. Where applicable, it is at this stage that final table of contents, page headers, footers and numbering etc. are checked.


  • "Peter copy edited two large Safety Cases for a major client. The work was on a very tight schedule and Peter worked with us to meet the required timescales. Peter made a huge difference to the quality of the final documents. The suggestions he made with regards to wording, punctuation and tense made a significant improvement to the documents. I would thoroughly recommend Peter."

    Mark Taylor
    Technical Director at ERM: Environmental Resources Management
  • "I approached Peter Haigh because our website content needed a checkup.

    The result of his work was that all our text looks so much better and is written in an easy to understand way for our customers.
    Besides that Peter found many style and spelling errors which we didn't know of.

    I would recommend Peter of to people who need to get the product description of their website looked at!"

    Dirk Pheifer
    Descaler UK

The table below provides an at-a-glance summary of what each of the four levels of service include, but it is not exhaustive.
Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and receive a bespoke quotation.

Editing service Copy-editing service Proof-editing service Proofreading service
Heavy content re-writing
Re-writing for style, clarity and tone
Implementing a style sheet/house style
Implementing formatting
Querying facts
Cross-checking in-text references to illustrations, graphs, equations, etc.
Cross-checking in-text references with bibliography
Checking that style sheet/house style is adhered to
Ensuring consistency of formatting